Ultra Fine Tip Surgical Skin Markers 100 pack

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Ultra Fine Tip Precision Pen - Mini Max Surgical Skin Marker 

This single patient use surgical skin marker has an ultra thin tip that won't clog and stays needle sharp, yet it is soft enough to insure patient safety.  The ink is gentian violet, the only ink approved for use on human skin during any invasive procedure.  It is non-sterile and aseptic.  It should not come into contact with open skin or wound site and is intended for single patient use to eliminate any chances of cross-contamination.  The pen cannot be autoclaved because it will melt and should be discarded after use.


  • Ink: Gentian violet, a surgical ink that is the only ink approved for use on human skin during any invasive procedures
  • Removal: Remove with alcohol and a gentle scrub. It becomes a more permanent mark once it is allowed to dry.
  • Non-sterile and aseptic: Cannot be autoclaved because it will melt. The barrel doesn't need to be sterilized because it shouldn't be coming into contact with the wound site.
  • Eliminate cross-contamination: It is, as all pens like this are, intended for single patient use. The tip has never touched skin, so as long as it is single patient use, there is no chance for cross-contamination. The pen should be discarded or given to the client after use.