Skin Markers

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This surgical skin pen was created as a small disposable sterile marking pen to cut down on waste and save money, and at the same time is also versatile.  These pens are a great cost savings to marking the skin for piercings and other small markings on the skin. 


  • Ink in pen: Gentian violet (a surgical ink that is the only ink approved for use on human skin during any invasive procedure)
  • Removal: Remove with alcohol and a gentle scrub (Note: It becomes a more permanent mark once it is allowed to dry)
  • Sterile and aseptic
  • Sterilized by Gamma Ray
  • Cannot be autoclaved
  • Single patient use pen
  • Disposal: Pen should be discarded after use
  • Price Per Case of 30 Pens
  • Most popular for piercings


  1. Clean skin area thoroughly with an alcohol prep or swab. Be certain to dry the area completely.
  2. Carefully mark the cleaned skin area. Allow skin markings to dry.
  3. Prep normally over marked site. Markings will remain permanent.