Adenna Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

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ADENNA® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches are designed for use in steam (vapor) and ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilizers. They are manufactured in an ISO certified facility under strict quality control. They feature both built-in internal and external indicators to confirm sterility of the contents, meeting the CDC’s recommendation.

ADENNA® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches were evaluated by the Dental Advisor (TDA) independent clinician consultants in over 5,800 uses and received an 86% clinical rating, + + + + (Very Good) out of the best 5 +’s scale.

Features and Benefits:

  • Process Indicators – Built-in internal and external indicators that change colors to confirm sterilization is complete.
  • Triple Seal, Triple Heat Process – The edges of the pouch are sealed by three separately heat-sealed rails, which is stronger than single sealed rail, to prevent separation or tearing by instruments.
  • Blue Tinted Transparent Film – Easy viewing of instruments and identifying any punctures or tears should they occur.
  • Medical Grade Paper – Durable medical grade paper, wet strength treated for high performance.
  • Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip – Easily and securely seal pouch.
  • Perforated Fold – Neatly fold the adhesive strip to form a tight seal.
  • Corner Tack Seals – Prevent corners of pouch from curling after sterilization.
  • Thumb Notch – Easy opening of pouch.